This section contains Gherkin Dictionary notes

The Gherkin Dictionary is the main point of this site. Selenium, Specflow, Gherkin and NUnit work like a hand in a glove and the Gherkin Dictionary is the interface to the company that ensures your automation efforts in Selenium gives you the maximum return on your investment.

For an application and company you can create a Gherkin Dictionary. The idea of the Gherkin Dictionary is that your BA, Testers and Developers can mix and max Gherkin commands that have been written to extend the testing of the product without having to know how to code. This will all become clear as you read through this web site and understand Gherkin and the Gherkin Dictionary.

Chapter one of the Gherkin Dictionary contains feature file command lines

I have a table of content with just the line from the feature file. Then in the document the extract of the comments from the steps entry.

Given I open the tool This is the link in the table of contents, the comments in green are to help someone not using feature files all the time.
//10-11-2016 I start with the date the steps entry was last updated, this helps keep everything in line.
//This is the function to open the tool
//We wait up to 20 seconds for the first page to load, waiting for the text 'Text to be found'
//The 20 seconds is set in context scenario so that it can be globally configured as 'waitPeriod'
//along with driver that is also set in context scenario
//The url for the tool is pulled out of the application.xml file using linkq
This prevents hard coding, as they can add or change the url at any time without the need to compile. The automated tests can be run against a number of different URL's. Your production URL, test URL, Each developer could have an ip address for local testing. I have a seperate document that explains how the xml file works and can be updates by users.(To follow)
//10-11-2016 Console date and time added for problem investigation and support

Chapter two of the Gherkin Dictionary contains a list of batch files to run Feature file tags

This is a list of batch files from the NUnit console runner

TagNameNumber of TestsTime to runReason
R1S1All2050 MinutesRelease 1 Sprint 1, Every test
R1S1Fast810 MinutesRelease 1 Sprint 1, Main Feature Coverage
R1S2All1845 MinutesRelease 1 Sprint 2, Every test
R1S2Fast78 MinutesRelease 1 Sprint 2, Main Feature Coverage
R1All381H 45 MinutesRelease 1, Every test
R1Fast1518 MinutesRelease 1, Main Feature Coverage