"The Gherkin Dictionary"

The main point of this site is that Selenium, Specflow, Gherkin and NUnit work like a hand in a glove. Together they ensure your automation efforts in Selenium give you the maximum return on your investment. Your Business Analysts (BA), manual tester, Product Owner (PO), Developers should all be running your Selenium code every day without having to know or write a single line of Selenium code. To achive this you create a Gherkin Dictionary. The Dictionary contains pre written Gherkin statements that can be used in Specflow feature files. Detailed to follow. This approach particularly lends itself to the Agile process as it is flexible and dynamic.

Special thanks to the following who inspired me to build this site so that I might be able to give a little back to the community.

Simon Stuart (Author of Selenium Webdriver) for his inspirational speech at the Selenium conference about communities and working together for the greater good.
To Jim Evans who wrote the Internet Explorer driver so well that Microsoft did not bother to write their own.
To Gaspar Nagy the author of Specflow.
Also thanks to Kaztik Elearn for his youtube efforts, that got me over my initial fumblings.